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꽃빵 - Deep fried buns served with condensed milk


물만두 - (12)Boiled dumplings made with seasoned meat and vegetables


마늘청경채볶음 - Steamed bokchoy served with garlic oyster sauce


군만두 - (6)Deep fried dumplings made with seasoned meat and vegetables

N1. Jajang

짜장 - Noodles topped with black bean sauce, stir-fried pork and vegetables

N2. Vegan Gan Jajang Vegan

비건간짜장 - Noodles topped with black bean sauce and vegetables

N3. Samsun Gan Jajang

삼선간짜장 - Noodles topped with black bean sauce, stir-fried seafood, pork and vegetables

N4. Seafood Jajang Platter

해물쟁반짜장 - Noodles in black bean sauce and seafood served on a large platter

N5. Jjamppong spicy

짬뽕 - Spicy noodle soup with seafood and vegetables

N6. Baek Jjamppong

백짬뽕 - Seafood noodle soup with a savory white broth

N7. Brisket Jjamppong spicy

N7. BRISKET JJAMPPONG 차돌짬뽕- Spicy noodle soup with brisket, seafood and vegetables

N8. Modoo Jjamppong spicy

모두짬뽕 - Spicy noodle soup with assorted seafood and vegetables

Trivial Knowledge
About Jjamppong

Jjamppong is a popular Korean spicy seafood noodle soup made with a variety of seafood such as shrimp, squid, and mussels, along with vegetables like onions, cabbage, and carrots. The soup is seasoned with Gochugaru (Korean red pepper flakes) to give it a spicy and flavorful kick. Jjamppong is known for its rich, spicy broth and chewy noodles, making it a satisfying and comforting dish. It is commonly enjoyed in Korean restaurants and is a favorite among those who enjoy spicy and seafood-based dishes.

R1. Fried Rice

볶음밥 - Stir-fried rice with vegetables and black bean sauce, Choice of Protein: Chicken (+2), Shrimp (+4)

R2. Jjamppong Rice Spicy

짬뽕밥 - Spicy soup with seafood and vegetables served with rice

R3. Mapa Tofu Spicy

마파두부 - Simmered tofu flavored with fermented bean paste, beef and red-hot roasted chili oil

R4. Japchae Rice Spicy

잡채밥 - Stir-fried sweet and savory noodles served with black bean sauce and rice

R5. Japtang Rice Spicy

잡탕밥 - Assorted seafood and vegetables stir-fried in spicy sauce served with rice

Trivial Knowledge
About Japchae Rice

Japchae Bap is a traditional Korean dish of stir-fried vegetables and meat served over rice. Made with sweet potato glass noodles, it offers savory flavors with a hint of sweetness. Enjoy it with sides or as a standalone meal.

Meat & Seafood
M1. Mongolian Beef

몽골리안비프 - Stir-fried tender beef in a savory sweet brown sauce

M2. Tangsuyuk
M $25L $30

탕수육 - Deep fried pork with sweet and sour sauce Substitute pork for beef (+3)

M3. Kkanpunggi Spicy

깐풍기 - Deep fried garlic chicken stir-fried in sweet, sour and spicy sauce)

M4. Chili Shrimp Spicy

칠리새우 - Deep fried shrimp in spicy sweet and sour sauce

M5. Creamy Shrimp

크림새우 - Deep fried shrimp in creamy savory sauce

M6. Gochu Japchae Spicy

고추잡채 - Stir-fried pork and bell peppers with steamed plain rolls

M7. Yangjangpi Spicy

양장피 - Cold, chewy noodles served with a variety of seafood and vegetables in spicy mustard sauce

M8. Palbochae Spicy

팔보채 - Assorted seafood and vegetables stir-fried in spicy sauce

Trivial Knowledge
About Yangjangpi

Yangjangpi is a Korean dish of julienned vegetables, noodles, and meat. It’s seasoned, mixed, and served cold or at room temperature. Enjoy it as a side dish or appetizer.

C1. Friends Combo A

짜장, 짬뽕, 탕수육(M)
Jajang, Jjamppong, Tangsuyuk(M)

C2. Friends Combo B

짜장, 짬뽕, 깐풍기
Jajang, Jjamppong, Kkanpunggi

C3. Friends Combo C

해물쟁반짜장, 탕수육(M), 칠리새우
Seafood Jajang Deluxe, Tangsuyuk(M), Chili Shrimp

C4. Family Combo A

해물쟁반짜장, 크림새우, 고추잡채
Seafood Jajang Deluxe, Creamy Shrimp, Gochu Japchae

C5. Family Combo B

짬뽕, 깐풍기, 크림새우, 양장피
Jjamppong, Kkanpunggi, Creamy Shrimp, Yangjangpi

C6. Modoo Combo

모두짬뽕, 해물쟁반짜장, 탕수육(M), 칠리새우, 양장피, 팔보채
Modoo Jjamppong, Seafood Jajang Platter, Tangsuyuk(M), Chili Shrimp, Yangjangpi, Palbochae

Sides - Extra Rice
Sides - Fried Eggs
Soft Drink

음료수 - Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Fanta, Milkis


쥬스 - Apple, Orange, Mango


맥주 - Terra (500ml), Tsingtao (640ml)

Soju (375ml)

소주 - Chamisul (Original, Fresh)
Flavored (Green Grape, Grapefruit, Peach)

Bokbunja (375ml)

복분자(보해) - Korean fruit wine made from wild cultivated black raspberry

Baekseju (375ml)

백세주(국순당) - “The 100 years wine” made from fermented rice and herbs

Kaoliang (100ml)

Jiang Xiao Bai 고량주 - Strong distilled liquor made from fermented sorghum

Kaoliang (100ml)

Little Lang 고량주 - Strong distilled liquor made from fermented sorghum